ITO Trio-300 Tens EMS Microcurrent, TENS, TENS/EMS, Melbourne, Australia

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Ito Trio 300 Tens Ems Microcurrent

ITO Trio-300 Tens EMS Microcurrent

TENS,EMS and Micro-current Unit
Product code:2-7000010
ITO Trio-300 Tens EMS Microcurrent - Access Health Specials Second image
Description Features: TRIO 300 offers world’s first integrating three functions of TENS, EMS and Micro-current, plus programming capability in a palm-sized unit. Keyboard Lock function * Five free program memories, 10 steps each. * Previous therapy modes and parameters kept in the memory. * Memory maintains contents even when the power is off. * Different parameter settings possible on each channel * Safety oriented design: - Self-test, constant current output, zero start off output. * Other functions: Digital timer, low battery power warning, automatic power off.
Color White
Size Pocket Size
Price $550
Pdf for product:   TRIO_series_939.pdf  View pdf 
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