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  1. Gel Tubes Pkt 5

    Gel Tubes Pkt 5

    Features Shaped to fit fingers or toes, Gel Tubes provide protection and comfort for corns, hammerto..
    Product Code: 1-23000128
  2. Gel Thong Protector (Pair)

    Gel Thong Protector (Pair)

    The PhysiFeet Gel Thong Protector is the perfect accessory for the centre toe piece found on thongs ..
    Product Code: PP6006
  3. Invisible Forefoot Gel Cushions (Pair)

    Invisible Forefoot Gel Cushions (Pair)

    The PhysiFeet Invisible Forefoot Cushion is designed to relieve pain and burning in the forefoot, un..
    Product Code: PP6009
  4. Invisible Gel Dots (6 Dots)

    Invisible Gel Dots (6 Dots)

    PhysiFeet Invisible Gel Dots are clear gel dots, which can be placed over pressure areas, where foot..
    Product Code: PP6007
  5. Invisible Gel Heel Cushion (Pair)

    Invisible Gel Heel Cushion (Pair)

    The PhysiFeet Invisible Heel Cushion provides relief to tired and aching heels. They are especially ..
    Product Code: PP6008
  6. Met Bar Sleeve

    Met Bar Sleeve

    The PhysiPod Met Bar Sleeve has been developed and clinically tested by our Podiatrist to significan..
    Product Code: PP6001
  7. Silicon Heel Cup (pair)

    Silicon Heel Cup (pair)

    PhysiPod Silicone Heel Cups achieve maximum shock absorption, by offering a true dual density heel c..
    Product Code: PPheelcup
  8. Silicone Gel Forefoot Cushion Sleeve (Pair)

    Silicone Gel Forefoot Cushion Sleeve (Pair)

    Product Code: PP6005
Showing 1 to 8 of 8 (1 Pages)

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