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  1. Belly Pillow

    Belly Pillow

    ~~Belly Pillow® has proven to be the ultimate pregnancy pillow. It allows a pregnant woman to lie on..
    Product Code: 8-4000107
  2. Dentons Belly Cup Pregnancy Pillow

    Dentons Belly Cup Pregnancy Pillow

    During pregnancy it is recommended that women sleep on their side. In the latter stages, the weight ..
    Product Code: 8-4000190
  3. Dentons Comfort Lowline

    Dentons Comfort Lowline

    The low height is ideal for all children, smaller framed side sleepers, the majority of back sleeper..
    Product Code: 8-4000183
  4. Dentons Impressions Memory Foam Pillow

    Dentons Impressions Memory Foam Pillow

    • Visco-elastic memory foam • High density, visco-elastic memory cells • Temperature sensitive cells..
    Product Code: 8-4000173
  5. Dentons Low Profile Pillow

    Dentons Low Profile Pillow

    With optional neck support heights of the front and back edge rolls, this "Low Profile" pillow is ov..
    Product Code: 8-4000002
  6. Dentons Medi Rest

    Dentons Medi Rest

    Shoulder recess encourages side-lying, whilst the waved surface provides a better airflow for cooler..
    Product Code: 8-4000003
  7. Dentons Multi Profile

    Dentons Multi Profile

    Wrap around support for side or back sleepers. The two-way unique butterfly contours cradles the nec..
    Product Code: 8-4000090
  8. Dentons Talalay Latex Pillow

    Dentons Talalay Latex Pillow

    Made from natural latex, the Talalay process creates thousands of tiny air channels providing natura..
    Product Code: 8-4000182
  9. Obusforme Custom Air

    Obusforme Custom Air

    Features the added convenience, comfort and support of a built-in lumbar pad that inflates to custom..
    Product Code: 8-4000139
  10. Obusforme Seat

    Obusforme Seat

    Encourages proper alignment of the pelvis and thighs, evenly distributing body weight for extended s..
    Product Code: 8-4000034
  11. Supporta Neck Therapy Pillow Medium

    Supporta Neck Therapy Pillow Medium

     The Neck Therapy Pillow provides a gentle traction and manipulative effect on the neck muscles..
    Product Code: 8-4000021
  12. Dentons Anti Snore Pillow

    Dentons Anti Snore Pillow

    ~~Designed for back sleepers Raised roll under neck fascilitates airflow through the throat to minim..
    Product Code: 8-4000085
  13. FF Chest T Cushion

    FF Chest T Cushion

    ~~The Chest T Cushion is specifically designed for women when lying face down on a massage table. It..
    Product Code: 3-8100056
  14. Novis Bed Wedge

    Novis Bed Wedge

    Bed Wedge The BetterLiving Bed Wedge is correctly angled to elevate and support the upper body for ..
    Product Code: 8-400056
  15. ETAC Positioning Wedge Non-slip 20x30x80 cm

    ETAC Positioning Wedge Non-slip 20x30x80 cm

    ~Etac Positioning Wedge supports the user on their side after turning, when resting or when performi..
    Product Code:
Showing 1 to 15 of 18 (2 Pages)

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