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  1. AH Foam Roller

    AH Foam Roller

    Pilates intsructors have also incorporated the foam roller to fill a range of exercises designed to ..
    Product Code: 7-6000107
  2. DMA Compact Trapeze

    DMA Compact Trapeze

    Another DMA innovation is the Compact Trapeze table. For those with limited space this 900 mm square..
    Product Code: 7-6000030
  3. DMA Fitness Reformer

    DMA Fitness Reformer

    The Fitness Pilates™ reformer is the new standard in Pilates training. Based on the acclaimed DMA Cl..
    Product Code: 7-6000004
  4. DMA Jump Board

    DMA Jump Board

    The jumpboard is a useful standing platform and vertical surface that can accommodate standing balan..
    Product Code: 7-6000005
  5. DMA Pilates Reformers

    DMA Pilates Reformers

    Developed in Australia by physiotherapists the Clinical Reformer is a key component of the Clinical ..
    Product Code: 7-6000003
  6. DMA Pilates Trapeze Table

    DMA Pilates Trapeze Table

    The Trapeze Table has been widened for stability and to accommodate a greater  range of exercis..
    Product Code: 7-6000007
  7. DMA Platformer Reformer

    DMA Platformer Reformer

    Product Code: 7-6000099
  8. DMA Thoracic Barrell

    DMA Thoracic Barrell

    With both a large and stepped curve the Barrel is excellent for a wide range of thoracic and cervica..
    Product Code: 7-6000006
  9. DMA Wobble Board

    DMA Wobble Board

    Heavy duty ply and tempered coil spring construction provides a "real " wobble board for training an..
    Product Code: 7-6000008
  10. Therapy Foam Roller

    Therapy Foam Roller

    Ridged design penetrates and releases tense muscle fibers to decrease pain and stiffness. Great for ..
    Product Code: 7-6000112
  11. Pilates Soft Gym Overball

    Pilates Soft Gym Overball

    The Gymnic Soft Gym OverBall exercise ball is a very versatile 25 cm. ball which is soft on impact. ..
    Product Code: 7-2000021
  12. Soft Gym Pilates Ball

    Soft Gym Pilates Ball

    Because of its soft cover and light weight the Soft Gym OVERBALL has been popular as a slow-motion b..
    Product Code: 7-2000021
Showing 1 to 12 of 12 (1 Pages)

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