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  1. 3PP Finger Trapper

    3PP Finger Trapper

    Features Non-slip foam lining provides a secure hold even on the distal phalanx. For use on fingers ..
    Product Code: 1-23000124
  2. 3pp® Final Flexion Wrap

    3pp® Final Flexion Wrap

    Features Easy one handed application and easy-to-adjust tension helps restore motion quicker an..
    Product Code: 1-23000132
  3. Gel Tubes Pkt 5

    Gel Tubes Pkt 5

    Features Shaped to fit fingers or toes, Gel Tubes provide protection and comfort for corns, hammerto..
    Product Code: 1-23000128
  4. Mallet Finger

    Mallet Finger

    Mallet Finger Function To passively maintain the distal interphalangeal joint in extension whilst pe..
    Product Code: 1-2300030
  5. Oval-8® Finger Splint Bag of 5

    Oval-8® Finger Splint Bag of 5

    ·        Oval-8 Finger Splints can be worn six different ways,..
    Product Code: 1-23000142
  6. 3pp Buddy Loops

    3pp Buddy Loops

    Features Easy-to-apply loop and wrap design holds fingers securely together. Use one or two Budd..
    Product Code: 1-23000125
  7. 3pp Oval 8 Sizing Set

    3pp Oval 8 Sizing Set

    Features: Includes instructions and case Includes total 14 Oval-8 splints 1 splint each of 14 O..
    Product Code: 1-23000127S
  8. 3pp Side Step Splint Small

    3pp Side Step Splint Small

    Features Adjustable splint applies gentle tension to straighten the middle (PIP) or end (DIP) fi..
    Product Code: 1-23000134
Showing 1 to 8 of 8 (1 Pages)

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