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Massage Therapy, Bolsters & Accessories, Massage chairs

In need of massage therapy equipment and supplies? Then Access Health is here to help.

We stock an extensive array of products for massage therapists and on the road health professionals.

Included in our range of massage equipment and related supplies are gels, massage tools, terry toweling fitted sheets and the electric Total Contoured Massage Table.


Massage Therapy

Not only can the professional staff at Access Health assist with your massage therapy equipment and supply needs but they can assist with any questions relating to physiotherapy, pediatric products and chiropractic equipment supplies.

For more information email us or call us by phone on 1300 65 95 40.


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  1. Activ Roll

    Activ Roll

    A cylinder shaped roll. Inflatable 15cm x 12cm roll. Soft with dimples for increased user sensitivit..
    Product Code: 7-2000029
  2. Acuback


    The Acuback’s patented HEATABLE design keeps you sitting upright and effectively releases back, neck..
    Product Code: 7-7000180
  3. Acuball


    You can purchase the Acuball or the Acuball set. The set includes an Instructional DVD and a Self He..
    Product Code: 7-7000136S
  4. Acuforce 7

    Acuforce 7

    The Acuforce 7.0 is specifically designed to use it's own weight (7 lbs.) in applying pressure durin..
    Product Code: 8-5000026L
  5. Acuforce Massage Star

    Acuforce Massage Star

    Massage Star is a brand new product for the Acuforce line. Invented by Acuforce Founder & CEO, J..
    Product Code: 8-5000025
  6. Aku Ball

    Aku Ball

    The AkuBall is perfect for the person who wants a highly tactile ball, but who prefers firmer textur..
    Product Code: 7-7000062
  7. Aku Ring - set of 4

    Aku Ring - set of 4

    Gentle to touch, provides a good grip. For massage, reflexology, hand therapy and relaxation exercis..
    Product Code: 7-7000072
  8. Bakballs


    BakBalls are designed to reverse joint stiffness and correct slouched, hunched forward posture that ..
    Product Code: 7-7000138
  9. Massage Office Professional V4 Software

    Massage Office Professional V4 Software

    Main Program_x000D_ ·Completely re-designed toolbar and menu. Daily tasks now grouped together NEW!_..
    Product Code: 7-80001
  10. Medisil Magic Touch Massage unit

    Medisil Magic Touch Massage unit

    Product Code: 8-5000031
  11. Melrose H2Oil Oil Water Dispersible 1Ltr or 10 Ltr

    Melrose H2Oil Oil Water Dispersible 1Ltr or 10 Ltr

    Melrose H2Oil® Massage Oil is used by the professional masseur. Melrose H2Oil® is the orig..
    Product Code: 8-3000006
  12. Metsal


    Product Detail For relief of strains and muscular pain associated with: * Joints and muscles * Arthr..
    Product Code: 8-3000042
  13. MIGA Deluxe Portable Massage Chair

    MIGA Deluxe Portable Massage Chair

    ~~This deluxe portable massage chair with removable chest pad, seat pad, knee support, face rest, ad..
    Product Code: 3-8100062
  14. Mini Thumper Massager

    Mini Thumper Massager

    Features: * Designed for those hard to reach areas like the shoulders and mid-back. * Three electron..
    Product Code: 8-5000004
  15. Orbit Massager

    Orbit Massager

    Has a smooth, comfortable shape that allows you to give a stress releasing, relaxing massage to the ..
    Product Code: 805000018
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